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          Texas State University


          Roadmap to Return

          Protecting the Bobcat Family

          Texas State University’s Roadmap to Return for Summer II and Fall 2020 charts the path for keeping our community safe and our students advancing toward their educational goals.

          TXST Chief Medical Officer Discusses Return to Campus Strategy

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          Safe & Healthy University Campuses

          • Requiring cloth face coverings indoors and outdoors at all times except when alone
          • Quickly identifying, testing and isolating potential COVID-19 cases
          • Limiting occupancy indoors to 50% maximum capacity
          • Limiting attendance of outdoor activities
          • Launching a personal responsibility health campaign
          • Promoting frequent hand washing and the use of hand sanitizer
          • Enabling individuals at higher risk for COVID-19 complications to request additional modifications

          Quality Course Delivery & Research

          • Designing courses for summer II (July 6-August 6, 2020) and fall (August 24-December 11, 2020) that promote the health and safety of students and faculty and provide high quality learning experiences
          • Increasing students' access to more spaces (e.g., ballrooms) with reliable computers and Internet service to study and complete course work
          • Providing faculty with techniques and tools for developing and implementing new course designs and instructional methods
          • Equipping classrooms to support multiple modes of content and instructional delivery
          • Implementing a phased return of research activities
          • Requiring strict standard operating procedures in labs

          Student Support & Engagement

          • Expanding telemental health services, online mental health related resources, and counseling sessions to promote overall well-being
          • Providing remote tutoring and academic assistance in summer, with additional face-to-face options in fall
          • Offering virtual recreational activities and student life programming in summer, with additional face-to-face options in fall
          • Requiring event pre-registration and recording participant attendance to enhance contact tracing capability
          • Dedicating more technological devices, tools, and services for uninterrupted learning

          What Summer II and Fall Will Look Like



          What to expect in your courses, modified on-campus support services, and campus life


          Teaching & Research

          Resources and strategies to adapt classes, tools and training, and research modifications 



          Changes in your workplace, safety precautions, helpful employee forms, and more

          Cleaning & Disinfecting

          Custodial staff have been trained on effective cleaning and disinfecting methods and provided protective equipment. Custodial services will spray classrooms nightly with a hospital-grade sanitizer using an electrostatic sprayer.

          Work Groups & Scenarios

          Eight work groups have helped TXST plan to safely return to live, learn and work on our campuses for summer II & fall. The plan was formulated to scale in response to four possible scenarios as circumstances change.

          Health & Safety Measures

          These ten measures will help protect the health and safety of our learning and working environments. The most important principle is the face covering policy: Masks are required on TXST campuses when you're not alone.

          Bobcat Pledge

          Everyone in the Bobcat family must take extraordinary steps to slow the spread of COVID-19. We ask that all students, faculty and staff pledge to protect themselves, others, and our TXST community.

          The Texas State University numbers include positive COVID-19 test results for students, faculty, and staff who tested at the Student Health Center, and who reported positive results after being tested at other sites. Some students, faculty or staff who tested positive for COVID-19 at other sites may not have reported the results to the Student Health Center.

          The Hays and Williamson County graphs show positive cases reported in those counties. The Texas State San Marcos Campus is located in Hays County and the Round Rock Campus is in Williamson County.

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